Voters’ Guide 2010: House District 118

Jon Hinck

Maine House District 118
Hinck faces another Green

After several rambunctious elections earlier this decade, things have quieted down in District 118, which covers Portland’s West End and Libbytown neighborhoods. The Green vs. Democrat brawls of John Eder’s day have subsided since Democrat Jon Hinck edged out that trailblazing hippie-sympathizer in 2006. Two years ago, the Greens had a name, but not an actual candidate, on the ballot.

There’s a Green on the ballot again this year, Carney Brewer, and she is an actual candidate. She’s just been busy with other stuff these days. A full-time student and self-described “home-schooling mother,” Brewer, 31, doesn’t have yard signs or a Web site for her candidacy, like Hinck does. She also doesn’t have any political experience.

Hinck, 56, is an attorney now seeking a third term in the Legislature. The Republican on the ballot, Mark Carpentier, did not return calls seeking his participation in this guide and appears to be a non-candidate.

Here are Hinck’s and Brewer’s responses to our questions.

— Chris Busby

Would you support allowing a casino to operate in Maine?

Brewer: Yes. “In light of recent economic times, I think it would be very helpful.”

Hinck: Opposes Oxford County casino proposal. Supported tribal casino proposal in Washington County. Is “not dead-set against gambling in all instances.”

Carney Brewer

Should Maine legalize gay marriage?

Brewer: Yes.

Hinck: Yes.

Do you favor any further restrictions on access to abortion?

Brewer: No.

Hinck: No.

Would you support the construction and operation of a new nuclear power plant in Maine?

Brewer: No.

Hinck: “I would review any proposal skeptically, but I would review it.”

Should we keep the state’s vehicle inspection system as it is, or make inspections more or less frequent/stringent?

Brewer: Favors having inspections done by “independent” shops that do not also perform repairs.

Hinck: Is “not convinced it needs to be done annually.”

Do you support allowing charter schools to operate in Maine?

Brewer: Yes.

Hinck: Depends on the nature of the proposal.  

What was your position on the tax reform plan?

Brewer: Opposed.

Hinck: Supported.

Portland Police Chief James Craig is advocating for tougher drug laws. Should Maine’s drug laws be tougher?

Brewer: Yes, for possession and sale of hard drugs.

Hinck: “His proposal should be taken seriously, but in general we’ve erred by sending too many non-violent drug offenders to prison.” 

Who are you supporting for governor?

Brewer: Undecided.

Hinck: Libby Mitchell.