Voters’ Guide 2010: House District 117

Anne Haskell

Maine House District 117
Haskell vs. Pats Fan

What passes for political excitement out in House District 117, which includes the Stroudwater and Rosemont neighborhoods? Not much.

There was that time four years ago when a Green and a Republican challenged Democrat Anne Haskell for this seat, which had been held for eons by (now State Senator) Joe Brannigan. Haskell mopped the floor with both of ’em. And two years ago it was mildly interesting that Haskell faced an unrelated candidate with same surname, Phil Haskell. Would confused voters elect Phil by mistake? (No, they would not.)

This year there’s a Republican on the ballot, Shawn-Elise Lapomarda, but if she’s actually campaigning, that’s news to us. Lapomarda did not return calls seeking her participation in this guide. We did glean one position from her Facebook page: she likes the New England Patriots. Oh, and Twisted Roots frontman Sonny Robinson is a Facebook “friend” of hers.

So if you like the Patriots and loud rock ‘n’ roll, the choice is clear: Shawn-Elise Lapomarda. If you want someone who actually wants to serve in Augusta, then Haskell, a 67-year-old with a background in finance and governmental affairs, is your woman.

Here are Haskell’s positions on the issues, just so you know.

— Chris Busby

Would you support allowing a casino to operate in Maine?

“I think it’s worth looking at.”

Should Maine legalize gay marriage?


Do you favor any further restrictions on access to abortion?


Would you support the construction and operation of a new nuclear power plant in Maine?


Should we keep the state’s vehicle inspection system as it is, or make inspections more or less frequent/stringent?

Is open to considering a change in the frequency of inspections.

Do you support allowing charter schools to operate in Maine?


What was your position on the tax reform plan?


Portland Police Chief James Craig is advocating for tougher drug laws. Should Maine’s drug laws be tougher?

Is concerned that Craig’s proposal “may not effectuate the change [he] is looking for.” Is wary, but willing to study the issue.

Who are you supporting for governor?

Libby Mitchell.

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