Democrats are haters too

In the February Bollard, Samuel James penned a very articulate illustration of Trump Derangement Syndrome (“The ‘C’ Word”). He implies that Republicans are a modern version of the KKK. He forgets that the KKK evolved as the militant arm of the Democratic Party throughout the segregation years, as well as thereafter. So what he’s really saying is that the Republicans are acting like Democrats. But, in any case, he offers no proof for his insinuations.

He goes on to accuse President Trump of racism when the president referred to “shithole countries,” implying that Trump was referring to the color of the indigenous people rather than to their disastrous governments. That he was doing the latter was obvious to anyone without a far-left bias.

Next, James refers to “the political party representing the people who want me dead for the color of my skin.” This is pure paranoia. He forgets that Republicans promulgated all the civil rights laws, from the Emancipation Proclamation to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Historically, it was the Democrats who wanted the black people dead. Conservatives then and today don’t particularly care what color a person is.

Then James suggests that President Trump wants “the wall” because he doesn’t like Mexicans. He assumes that Trump is therefore racist. He ignores the fact that there are now about 22 million undocumented (a.k.a. illegal) people in the U.S., mostly Hispanic. So many of these people are living on state and/or federal aid that the cost thereof will exceed the $5.7 billion Trump wants to build the wall. To any objective observer, it is obvious that President Trump is motivated not by racism but by economic concerns.

Finally, James blames Republicans for creating an atmosphere of pure hatred. Again, no proof, no examples. On the other hand, led by Maxine Waters, Democrats have been screaming “impeach” since before the inauguration. Consider the torture Democrats inflicted on Judge Kavanaugh and his family — guilty until proven innocent, but ignore the proof. Consider what the Democrats did to the Covington Catholic High School students because they were wearing red hats. Each case manifested pure hatred. Elsewhere, daily, baseless accusations of racism and immorality are hardly friendly and are indicative of hatred not generated by conservatives. James ignores all of this.

It was not without good reason that someone invented the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Bill Heaphy

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