Maine neo-Nazi vows violence, writes book

Maine neo-Nazi vows violence, writes book
But Tom Kawczynski still won’t mow his homeland

by Crash Barry

Tom Kawczynski, the white supremacist and former town manager of Jackman, said he’s preparing for a “second civil war” that will soon pit whites versus non-whites. Any anti-fascists among his Caucasian brethren will quickly be murdered by darker-skinned people unless, he said, they repent and join the white-power movement.

Kawczynski made those claims this summer during interviews on a slew of neo-Nazi and Christian Identitarian podcasts to promote his allegedly non-fiction book, The Coming Civil War, which is slated for release this month.

After Rockland Free Press editor Andy O’Brien and I exposed his racist views and plans for a white ethno-state, Kawczynski was fired last winter by town officials in Jackman, and his early attempts to make Maine a beachhead for racist revolution have faltered [see “Crashing the Nazi’s Dinner Party,” March 2018]. But with the country careening toward impeachment (if Democrats win control of Congress this fall) or some sort of “constitutional crisis” (in which the criminally implicated President, abetted by a complacent Congress, defies and undermines the judicial system), it’ll be wise to keep an eye on this Maine racist with a burgeoning national profile and specific plans for violence against his fellow Americans and immigrants seeking citizenship.

The Civil War scenario Kawczynski prefers is one where the “Leftists, Communists and Antifa” are incited to revolt against the government by the alt-right’s provocations. President Trump’s authoritarian forces would then violently crush the insurrection. Any leftist radicals remaining will be imprisoned, America’s borders (already severely tightened by Trump) will be sealed, and recent immigrants will be expelled — by force, if necessary.

But if Democrats gain control of Congress after this November’s mid-term elections and move to impeach Trump, Kawczynski vows to battle the “Cultural Marxists” even if he has to lead an insurgent militia himself.

“We can’t give back power to the Left,” he explained to an interviewer on The Sonny Thomas Show. “To do so is to sign our own death warrant.” Kawczynski also said he fears that should Democrats regain political power, he and his comrades will be imprisoned for “thought crimes.” He said he’s currently under surveillance by agencies with “three-letter abbreviations” for names.

It’s tempting to ignore such ranting as the delusions of a sick lunatic. But these are crazy times, and Kawczynski’s star is rising within the American fascist movement. In June, he landed a speaking slot at the Nationalist Solutions Conference, an event, held in Tennessee, where the featured speaker was former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and Republican state legislator David Duke.

“I’ll gladly fight and bleed alongside any person in this room against our enemies,” Kawczynski told the crowd of about 75 white supremacists, Klansmen and neo-Nazis, who responded with cheers and applause.

Those are tough words coming from a fella with no formal military or weapons training, whose exercise routine consists of a “one-mile daily walk.” During interviews and on social media, Kawczynski portrays himself as a popular figure in Jackman, a scholar and future leader who can unite the fanatical factions of the “hard right” against a common enemy. In addition to Duke, he namedrops numerous other A-list racists whom he considers “friends,” including Christian Identitarian troll Billy Roper, New Hampshire’s Christopher Cantwell (a.k.a. the “Crying Nazi”), and Patrick Little, the failed Nazi California Senate candidate. Although Kawczynski says he doesn’t completely agree with Little’s virulent anti-Semitism, he likes to point out that Little was born and raised in Maine.

Kawczynski also spends lots of media time insulting Maine’s Somali community and critiquing what he calls Catholic Charities’ “population replacement programs.” The Catholics, he believes, want to replace white Mainers with Africans in order to make money and influence the vote.

“I wonder why they’ve gone and given us the worst of the worst,” Kawczynski said of the charity during a conversation with podcaster Zak Zyklon, one of the Nazi hosts of “Woke West Virginia,” who posted a two-hour interview with Kawczynski in late July. “I just want these people to go back to their huts and their tribes,” Kawczynski said. “I want them to be happy back home … in Africa.”

Then Kawczynski revealed the real reason he believes Somalis don’t belong in Maine: “Their IQs are about one standard deviation below the mean,” he said. During subsequent podcast interviews, he expanded this nonsense theory to cover black people in general, not just East Africans.

Kawzynski frequently calls Lewiston, with its significant population of African refugees, a “shithole” that’s been “festering.” But he said he isn’t worried about the Somalis’ role in the forthcoming race war. “They’re just a distraction,” he told Zyklon. “Latin Supremacists” are the real threat, Kawczynski claims. Mix in all the white “libtards” and Commies, plus the “northern Blacks,” and Kawczynski predicts the situation will get messy pretty damn quick. He explains it all, he said, in the new book — his second self-published effort since he was fired in January.

Another media venture Kawczynski is pursing is a “family-friendly, pro-white and pro-American TV show called Real America Speaks.” Working in collaboration with a team of white supremacists, including the aforementioned Nazi podcasters from West Virginia, Kawczynski plans to debut the show sometime this month, broadcasting from a spare bedroom in his Jackman rental. The program will allegedly feature Ayla Stewart, a.k.a. “Wife with a Purpose,” a former bisexual pagan and social-justice warrior turned “Alt-Right Mormon” and #TradWifeOnTheDole, who’s eager to abolish legal abortions and repeal the 19th Amendment that granted women the right to vote.

Kawczynski’s third big project is the launch of a new fascist political organization, called The National Right. The group’s first priority will be re-electing Trump in 2020. That will then pave the way for Kawczynski to make his own run for the White House in 2024, he said.

The National Right is also hoping to stage a white-power rally somewhere in New Hampshire this fall — “on a large piece of private land,” Kawczynski said — to unite white supremacists into an active coalition. Kawczynski has recently been assisting a group called the New Hampshire Nationalists to telephonically harass a long list of Granite Staters appointed to Republican Gov. Chris Sununu’s Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion. And Kawczynski continues to exhort fellow racists to move to Maine and join his efforts here.

Every now and then, Kawczynski’s bold façade cracks and a bit of reality seeps through. For example, on social media he’ll bemoan his financial struggles and his inability to get a job anywhere near Jackman. He calls local employers “cucks” for refusing to hire him despite his “years of experience.” He says he’ll probably never find a job again — except manual labor “handling boxes,” which he refuses to do — because the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League want to make an example of him. That’s why people need to buy his books, he says, or make Paypal or crypto-currency donations to his activism and that of his equally hateful wife.

Gotta wonder how much longer this white-power couple will remain in Jackman. According to neighbors, Kawczynski’s a reclusive pariah, invisible except for his daily half-hour walk, during which he constantly talks into a tape recorder. He’s persona non grata at the local grocery store (which likely explains why he says he shops for food in Waterville), he doesn’t attend town events and, reportedly, very few locals will even speak to him.

As for his wife, according to multiple sources she hasn’t been seen in town since winter, although she apparently still lives in Jackman. She’s still super-active on social media. Lately she’s been complaining that GoFundMe and other crowd-funding sites won’t let her raise money to get laser treatment for Lyme Disease, due to her husband’s political views.

Neighbors also say Kawczynski hasn’t cut his grass all summer. “Practically a hayfield,” reported one local. “Looks like shit,” said another.

The fella probably should’ve bought a mower with some of the $30,000 severance package he received from Jackman town officials. Western Maine is on the verge of the annual late-summer hatching of ticks, and those blood-suckers sure love the long grass.