Lots of people spend a portion of their formative years trying to play music in their childhood bedroom. Very few of them deserve to be recorded. Quinn Farwell and Noah Grenier-Farwell are two of these exceptions. The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist cousins recorded their debut album at “SLGQ Studios,” also known as Quinn’s parents’ house. Their caffeinated, avant-garde indie romps benefit greatly from the close-miked immediacy of a bedroom session. There are no guests on Amiwrong?. Both members write, sing and play guitar. They back each other up on drums. They don’t bother to edit out their banter. And as they yell and laugh and pummel their instruments, they find the common ground between children’s music and punk rock, reveling in how fun it is to make a racket. “Oh how I wish that kite would fly / I’d have kite-flying parties all the time,” Quinn sings, as his chord progression shifts from major to minor. Amiright? reminds me of Syd Barrett, the original creative force behind Pink Floyd, whose trippy story songs like “Bike” would be equally popular at performance art happenings and kindergarten graduation parties. Optimism is inherent in music with this kind of energy. It’s not right or wrong, necessarily. But it sure is refreshing.

— Joe Sweeney

Amiright? plays an album release show on May 5 at Bayside Bowl.