Vote or Quit Bitchin’ 2010

Republican Paul LePage. photos/courtesy candidates' campaigns

Voters’ Guide: Governor of Maine

Where do the five gubernatorial candidates stand on social issues like gay marriage, abortion rights and casino gambling? Everyone wants clean, low-cost energy (even if that is an oxymoron), but what about nuclear power? Did the contenders support or oppose the tax reform plan the Legislature crafted (and voters rejected) earlier this year? Would the candidates allow charter schools to operate in Maine? Would they scrap the state’s dubious vehicle inspection system (see The Bollard’s investigation, “Let’s rip this instead!” Dec. 2008)? Portland Police Chief James Craig wants state lawmakers to toughen Maine’s drug laws. Will Maine’s next governor endorse Craig’s call to throw more addicts in the slammer?

Independent candidate Eliot Cutler.

The Bollard complied the candidates’ positions on these matters from interviews, campaign Web sites, and news articles. The LePage and Mitchell campaigns did not respond to requests for comment.

— Chris Busby


Cutler: No.
LePage: Yes, if approved by voters.
Mitchell: No.
Moody: Yes, if approved by voters.
Scott: Yes, if state revenue goes directly to fund education.

Gay marriage

Cutler: Supports.
LePage: Opposes.
Mitchell: Supports.
Moody: Undecided; would let voters decide.
Scott: Undecided; would let voters and courts decide.


Cutler: Pro-choice.
LePage: Pro-life.
Mitchell: Pro-choice.
Moody: Pro-choice; favors some new restrictions.
Scott: Would not change current law.

Democrat Libby Mitchell.

Nuclear power

Cutler: No.
LePage: Yes.
Mitchell: No.
Moody: Not “at this time.”
Scott: No.

Independent candidate Shawn Moody.

Vehicle inspection system

Cutler: Eliminate.
LePage: Did not respond.
Mitchell: Did not respond.
Moody: Maintain current system.
Scott: Maintain current system.

Charter schools

Cutler: Yes.
LePage: Yes.
Mitchell: No.
Moody: No.
Scott: Yes.

Independent candidate Kevin Scott.

2010 tax reform plan

Cutler: Supported.
LePage: Opposed.
Mitchell: Supported.
Moody: Opposed.
Scott: Declined to answer.

Tougher drug laws

Cutler: Undecided.
LePage: Did not respond.
Mitchell: Did not respond.
Moody: Yes.
Scott: No.

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