Tuesday, December 16

Just as you have to get out of Portland to experience the “real Maine,” you have to go to Gardiner this month to see real Maine landscape photography. Maine Landsc[r]apes, a series that photographer Jym St. Pierre has been working on for a quarter century, eschews lighthouses, lobsters and stunning views of Katahdin for equally stunning shots of clearcuts, paper mill pollution and Turnpike traffic. On view through Jan. 10 at Monkitree (263 Water St.); today from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 512-4679. monkitree.com.

Correction: In the Dec. 7 Highlights listing, we incorrectly assumed that the PMA Movies series at the Portland Museum of Art had been discontinued. For a full schedule of screenings, visit portlandmuseum.org/events/movies.

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