A proud mouse

I feel privileged to be part of what I believe to be a turning point in the integration of education and technology. We students are the mice in an experiment that could drastically change and improve the way people learn. Teachers are trying out new ways to interact with the students, as well as utilizing the iPad as a learning tool, and it’s all very cool. There are so many fantastic things that we can do with technology in the classrooms, but we are just beginning to set up the framework for this.

You noted [in “SeXXX Education,” November 2013] that SAT scores are not improving. That’s a good observation, but the experiment is not over. This experiment will still be going when my children are in school, and because of our efforts, they’ll have a much more structured system, and hopefully, higher test scores.

All I have to say about the idea of tracking Internet usage at students’ homes is that I definitely think that folks need to use the Internet responsibly and safely, but infringing on people’s privacy is worse than looking at naughty content on the Web. If I don’t want the NSA tracking me, then I certainly don’t want my school tracking me.

But in the end, what stood out to me the most about “SeXXX Education” was that even though it was about my peers, we didn’t seem to be part of the conversation. You should have interviewed students, as well. It’s OK, we can talk about sex.

Fedor Volodkevich

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