Clash of the Tinys


Round 6: Phantom Buffalo vs. Theodore Treehouse

One of Portland’s most enduring and accomplished indie-rock bands, Phantom Buffalo, faces off against one of our most promising indie-rock groups, Theodore Treehouse. In this round, even the songs are at odds. Phantom Buffalo’s “Atleesta,” from last year’s Cement Postcard With Owl Colours, is a gorgeous plea to keep a relationship alive. Theodore Treehouse’s “Boats and Betrayal,” from last year’s Mercury: Closest To The Sun, is a brooding, bitter stab at a relationship beyond repair.

Last week, The RattleSnakes pummeled Marie Stella to advance and clash another day. Who’ll survive this match-up? That’s up to you.

Phantom Buffalo: “Atleesta”

Theodore Treehouse: “Boats and Betrayal”

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