This Light Offers No Warmth
The Entertainment Experiment

Click to hear: “The Inferno

The debut EP by the power trio Apocryphonic is a 35-minute journey around the prog-metal nebula, with a couple brief stops in Hell. It’s easy to space out to the slowly unfolding compositions on this release, but things inevitably get loud and doomy. And all three dudes kinda sing sometimes, which in prog-metal is seldom a good idea.

Comparisons to Confusatron are inevitable, not least because Confusatron bassist/pedal-bender Jason LaFrance recorded Light. The three tracks here could stunt-double as sections of Confusatron songs.Apocryphonic isn’t nearly as unpredictable and versatile as Confusatron, but they’re good players and share a musical sense of humor. Your mind won’t be blown, but it won’t be bored, either.

— Chris Busby

Apocryphonic plays a CD release show with Hessian and Cryptic Overcast on Sat., July 9, at Geno’s, 625 Congress St., Portland,  at 9 p.m. Call 221-2382 for cover (21+).