Two for the Road

Click to hear: “What We’re Doing

Pinsky is ’CYY.

This new Portland foursome sounds just like the rest of the whiny/shout-y generation of pop-punk bands played on the mainstream modern rock station between chestnuts by Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam. If you’re ’CYY too, chances are Pinsky’s for you. If not, then go ahead: touch that dial.

Led by co-guitarists and vocalists Peter Vachon and Jeff Roberts, Pinsky is exuberant and remarkably polished. The foursome recorded, mixed and mastered this EP themselves in somebody’s apartment, and it sounds very professional. Pinsky is actually a very well-rounded product: slick Web site, swag galore, music video shot in Brooklyn, etc. This band means business.

Unfortunately, creativity has never been good for business if you want to get commercial radio play. Pinsky hews closely to the formula on six of the seven songs here: same guitar tone, vocal style and song structure as the stuff being spoon-fed to the kids these days as “alternative.”

The exception, “What We’re Doing,” is really a half-exception, as the band feels it necessary to turn a catchy, low-fi tune into an arena-rock emo-a-long: “I don’t want / that same response!”

Neither do I.

— Chris Busby 

Pinsky plays Sat., Nov. 29, with All Night Chemist and An Army of Squirrels, at Geno’s, 625 Congress St., Portland, at 9 p.m. Tix: $6 (21+). 221-2382. For more on the band, visit