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photo/The Fuge
photo/The Fuge



Monthly at last!

Well, here it is: the first monthly issue of The Bollard. After nearly three years publishing The Bollard online and a year’s worth of quarterly print issues, we’ve finally met our goal of producing a monthly magazine. Resurgam!

You’ll notice several new features in this issue, like Elizabeth Peavey’s column, Outta My Yard, which previously appeared exclusively on our Web site, thebollard.com. We’ve also added arts and entertainment listings, and taken pains to present them in a readable fashion. Although we’re confident we’ve included most of the visual and performing arts events happening in Portland this month, there are certainly some we didn’t know about before this issue went to press, and others — especially those that will take place toward the end of June — that had not yet been scheduled or announced by late May. 

That’s were the Web comes in handy. We encourage you to visit our site for the most up-to-date and complete listings. New events are added all the time. Weekly movie listings can still be found on our site.

Another new feature of note is the calendar centerfold. This idea was inspired by Patrick Corrigan’s two-page comic, “Bayside Vision in Full Effect,” in our Spring issue. Pat included a calendar for April in the piece for no particular reason other than it’s useful to know when Tax Day is. A couple weeks after the issue came out, we had one of those eureka! moments: we’re going monthly, so why not have each month’s calendar in the magazine? Thus, beginning this month, you’ll find a functional work of art by a local artist in the middle of every issue of The Bollard. (What else would you expect, a free pull-out poster of Big Papi?)

Once again, I must thank a host of great people who’ve helped The Bollard reach another milestone: my wife, Meghan, without whose support we couldn’t have published a pixel; my folks, Jim and Emilie Busby; Charter Member Ross Furman of Skillful Home Recreation fame; Bollard art directors and co-founders Sean Wilkinson and The Fuge (the artist formerly known as Mich Ouellette); our ace advertising staff; all our regular contributors (a group that includes, in my unhumble opinion, the best writers and artists in town); and the advertisers whose support has made it possible for this free publication to survive and thrive.  

This is, of course, just the beginning. We are committed to providing intelligent, independent, local journalism for many years to come. With your continued interest, dear reader, you are making The Bollard a success.


— Chris Busby

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