The Astral Tides Report

Welcome to June, everyone, a month of wild buzzing that will help you stay curious, consider all the angles, gather the info you need to spin your spin and, just like the bees, turn it into gold. The Sun is solidly in Gemini, and the sign of The Twins is here to bless all communication, intellectual pursuits and social connections. A time of delightful networking, all we need to do is glance outdoors: our local pollinators are out in full-force, moving from bud to bud (Gemini also rules friendships, a.k.a. your best buds) to gather as much nectar as possible to bring back to the hive (a.k.a. your home and intimates — but we’ll get to this part later). All month, in fact, Maine’s bees — including native bumblebees and honeybees, as well as various solitary bee species — are highly active, inadvertently transferring pollen (a.k.a. different perspectives) from one bud to another and acting as one of, if not the most important ecological linchpins in the survival of our local flower and vegetable crops. 

Ahem, for the naysayers in the back: While to some the fickle flitting from one thing to another may only lead to idle chatter, this ability to free-flow with ideas and communication is the actual foundation of learning and growth. We often tell young children (which, unironically, is also the developmental stage associated with Gemini) to explore the world around them, urging first-hand examination, imagination and, yes, chatter about what they discover. In such, Gemini season reminds us to take a break from what we know and return to a state of wonder. Through June 20th, the Sun in Gemini — and the bees! — urges us to follow our noses down curiosity wormholes, whether we turn up anything meaningful or not. Tell your friends about it, though. Find out what they’re reading and listening to. Discuss. Dismantle. Deepen. Discard. The treasure, it turns out, is in the very process of pollinating your intimate spheres with fresh perspectives. 

Now to the Moon: The present lunation cycle culminates with a full moon in Sagittarius — a mutable sign all about flexibility of thinking, doing and being — on June 3, kicking off the month with some “fuck around and find out” energy, and allowing us to fully revel in the diverse perspectives we’re currently considering. In the week that follows, from June 3 through 9, take some time to consider whether the info-gathering and new connections you’re juggling align with your deeper philosophical beliefs. If not, it might be time to pivot, another special skill of mutable sign energy. Finally, on June 10, we’ve got a waning moon in that most mutable of signs, Pisces, who sends us into a weeklong purge of anything that doesn’t, well, feel right. After dipping an antenna into every flower (a.k.a. social event, circle, idea, article, book, invention, development or theory), June 10 through 18 is all about finding flow. Follow the paths of least resistance as you make your way back to the hive — a return home and, indeed, a foray into Cancer season, the sign associated with home, family, safety and comfort. 

One June 21, Cancer season begins most romantically on the Summer Solstice, or the longest day of the year. Here in Maine it might seem like spring is just beginning when wham!, we’re already at summer’s apex. But what’s really happening, buds, is unbeknownst to everyone on the outside. The busy buzzing bees of early June have actually been accumulating lots of nectar on the inside, and by the time Cancer season rolls around, the honey of the hive is flowing. From the 21st onward, you can leave your information wormholes in a flurry of fond memories and feel (another Cancerian forté) the golden riches you’ve gathered start to resonate inside your most treasured spaces, the homey interiors where you can really let your hair down. You did your early summer exploring, networking, and sharing, and now it’s time to circle up with the chosen ones who didn’t flit away and enjoy the sweetness that can only be made together. 

Caitlin Scholl is a writer, artist and intuitive astrologer living in Yarmouth. For private consultations, inquiries or comments about Astral Tides, e-mail her at

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