Divorce Cop

Divorce Cop

It isn’t easy for working musicians to make a record. They’ve got jobs and kids, and don’t have the time or money to rent a chateau and wall themselves off from the world like the Rolling Stones. But sometimes these limitations are themselves responsible for the creation of art that would otherwise not exist. Like the latest experiment from drummer/EP machine Chris Gervais (Nice Life, Toothbrush). During those rare quiet moments when he wasn’t working and his kid was at school, Gervais laid down some drum parts on his phone, and then sent them to musician pals around the country. Two fellow Mainers — guitarist Brock Ginther (Midwestern Medicine) and bassist Anthony Bitetti (Great Western Plain, Good Kids Sprouting Horns) — jumped at the opportunity, and we now have the result: a five-track, five-minute EP of lo-fi punk abandon called “what?” “Your city water! Your shitty dreams!” is what I think Ginther wails on the opening number, “Owen,” but it’s almost beside the point. “Owen” is a 42-second blast of raw noise that should come with a dose of smelling salts. Gervais handles vocals on three tracks, his searching, psychedelic tenor providing a nice contrast to Ginther’s punk fury. Apparently there’s another Divorce Cop EP coming out in October. Sometimes it’s the parents that have to make a lot of noise before bed.

— Joe Sweeney

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