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In his letter to the editor in the April 2019 edition [“Tinder for billionaire widowers?”], Peter Monro asks if Bill Lundgren has a different suggestion for a sexually active 77-year-old widower other than using the services of prostitutes in a low-rent massage parlor in Florida. I don’t know, maybe asking a woman that isn’t at least 50 years younger than you out on a date and see where things lead?

I actually think it’s a great suggestion that johns should know the women they are paying for sex aren’t being trafficked. Least they could do. Yeah, a lot of people don’t believe prostitution should be illegal, but Robert Kraft’s visible political leanings don’t suggest he believes that, or votes for anyone who advocates for such a thing.

My interest in football is nil. My interest in incredibly wealthy people making taxpayers pay for their stadiums and acting like they are above the law really interests me.

Tom Murphy


Lundgren reflects

In the aftermath of my recent piece in The Bollard [“A Treasonous Take on Patriots Nation,” March 2019] it feels appropriate to offer kudos to the many Patriot fans who responded to the essay with thoughtful, balanced letters and e-mails. I and others had assumed the feedback would be fierce and vitriolic. (One friend advised me to be ready for crosses burning on my front lawn.) Instead it became immediately apparent that most Patriot fans found the sleazy behavior of their team to be embarrassing. But for the locals, the team and its owner’s moral deficiencies were something they were willing to overlook because of the community pride that an occasional Super Bowl win will foster.

While many have always assumed that the boorishness of Patriot fans has contributed to the widespread disdain for the team, it seems from the letters and e-mails I received that this “boorishness” is displayed mainly by those who protest most loudly. And interestingly, it seems that the loudest defenders of all things Patriot are often those with the most limited knowledge of the nuances of professional football. One particularly vehement defender of all things Patriot kept referring to their recent “embarrassment of riches.” Well, at least he got the embarrassing part right.

Bill Lundgren


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