Has The Bollard gone NSA?

Re: That’s My Dump! [June 2013]: What kind of proto-fascist crap is your latest? It’s one thing to point out and try to alleviate public eyesores from our built environment, but to out someone who is so deep in the woods you can’t see his property from the road is over the line. And OMG, it’s not typical Falmouth. And further, he collects stuff, or so your sources who spy on him have observed, and to no known productive end. What lengths did you have to go to to discover that a contractor also thought his house was messy? That was the interior, I assume, and did you confirm that by peeking in his windows or just rely on your sources? It is comforting to know that assholes are still peepin’ and gossiping and demanding conformity. I thought that had gone out of style. If not style, mind! If not mind, your rag.

Will Watman


Kudos for “Cornered”

I must say it was with some trepidation that I opened May’s issue to read the article on panhandlers [“Cornered”]. For some time, we have been advocating for the basic civil rights of people in need. We have become used to negative and stigmatizing comments from the public and the business community. It was quite refreshing to read about five individuals allowed to tell their own stories of how they came to be where they were. We would like to compliment Doug Bruns on his understanding and compassion in allowing a much-blamed group of people to put a human face on this divisive issue. Thank you.

Jim Devine
Homeless Voices for Justice