Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

This issue marks the seventh anniversary of The Bollard, Back in September ’05, we launched online with a mix of news, reviews, interviews, music and opinion. Among our very first posts was a satirical op-ed by Al Diamon, my mentor and former colleague at Casco Bay Weekly, who wondered aloud whether I would be succeeded Mike Chitwood as Portland’s next police chief. (I didn’t get the job.)

Contractual obligations prevented us from publishing more of Al’s work, but we’ve finally managed to draft him. His Media Mutt column, which previously ran on Down East’s Web site, will appear here in print every month, and Al will be posting fresh media criticism and industry news on our Web site throughout the month.

Those early days also featured the column of another CBW alum, Elizabeth Peavey. Peavey wrote for The Bollard for five years before she went on hiatus in 2010. During that time she developed a one-woman show about her mom’s passing, “My Mother’s Clothes Are Not My Mother,” which she is bringing back to local stages this fall. She also collaborated on a book, Glorious Slow Going, with her friend, the painter Marguerite Robichaux. Now she’s back in The Bollard, and I couldn’t be happier to hear her complaints.

It’s gratifying to me be working again with so many of my colleagues from that celebrated local alt-weekly — a group that also includes Crash Barry, Corey Pandolph and Patrick Corrigan.

Here’s to another seven years of The Bollard, and cheers to all our advertisers and readers for keeping us around this long.

— Chris Busby
editor & publisher

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