Fuck yeah

I read Crash’s column (and the fisherman chap) in every Bollard I pick up. I’ve just read the slightly fusty letter of complaint regarding Crash’s writing (and you printing) “fuck” in all its glory [“Quit cussing, Crash,” Letters, December 2011].

In these anxious-not-to-offend times, so many publications print “f***.” Yours deserves praise for doing otherwise, and you’re in excellent company. The Economist, to which I subscribe, is an English magazine (they endearingly persist in calling themselves a newspaper) founded in 1843. They too print “fuck” in all its glory. Crash is in very good company.

With his tales being how they are, seeing “f***” in his pieces would be as jarring as suddenly reading about Beemers and baristas.

Keep the fucks in, I say.

— Bill Bell, South Portland


Saint Sussman

I don’t know the point you were trying to make with your story “Donald Sussman’s Dumps” [December 2011], but all I can say after reading that he gave the Portland Food Co-op a five-year, rent-free deal is that he deserves a medal! I never met the guy or his wife, but what a saint!

— Barry D. Hoffman, Cape Elizabeth



In last month’s cover story, “Donald Sussman’s Dumps,” it was incorrectly stated that Sussman paid $525,000 for a two-family house on Newbury Street and $525,000 for the house next door. The two properties were purchased together for a total of $525,000, though city tax records list that sum for each property.


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