Clash of the Tinys


Round 13: Brenda vs. Grand Hotel

Two tough riffs wrestle to the death in this week’s Clash. The air-guitar-inducing guitar line of Brenda’s “Gandhi” tangles with the guitar-face-making riff on Grand Hotel’s “Walken.” “Gandhi” is off Brenda’s 2010 album Silver Tower. The Grand Hotel track is from In Color, released earlier this year.

Metal Feathers topped Spouse last week to advance to the playoffs. With four match-ups left in the regular season of 16 Clashes, the competition is getting intense…

Brenda: “Gandhi

Grand Hotel: “Walken

About Clash of the Tinys…

Every Friday, The Bollard selects and posts two songs by Maine musicians or bands. You have a week to vote for your favorite using the Polldaddy thingy above. There are also links to hear each song. You can only vote once per poll. We’ll announce each week’s winner in the proceeding poll. Then, early next year, the winning songs will go head to head in a series of sudden-death playoffs, until we’re down to just two. Those two acts will face off live on stage, and then we’ll start another series of Clashes. (If a finalist is a band that is not currently playing shows, the hope is that the prospect of winning this Clash will compel a reunion.)


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