Clash of the Tinys


Round 9: The Coming Grass vs. Dirigo

This week we continue to pit roots-rock outfits against one another. The Coming Grass turned a lot of heads when their self-titled debut release hit the streets in 1999. Those were heady days for the alt-country scene around here, and led by husband-and-wife team Nate Schrock and Sara Cox, the band’s Stones-meets-Burrito Brothers sound hit the sweet spot. “Take Me Over” is from that landmark first album.

Sadly, the Coming Grass hasn’t done much since the release of Beauty of a Heart back in 2005. Two original members of the Grass (drummer Ginger Cote and guitarist/vocalist Steve Jones) are now in a new group, Dirigo, which releases its debut album tonight at The Big Easy. A mix of jam rock and Americana, Jamericana features the work of the band’s three principal songwriters: Erik Glockler, Luke Patchen Montgomery, and Jones. We picked the Jones-penned track “Before the Moment’s Gone” for this match-up.

Last week, Brad Hooper crushed fellow Brad Brad Strause’s Strause & Company to move on to the next round. Will the new sound of Portland Americana beat a prime example of the scene’s roots? As always, you decide.

The Coming Grass: “Take Me Over

Dirigo: “Before the Moment’s Gone

About Clash of the Tinys…

Every Friday, The Bollard selects and posts two songs by Maine musicians or bands. You have a week to vote for your favorite using the Polldaddy thingy above. There are also links to hear each song. You can only vote once per poll. We’ll announce each week’s winner in the proceeding poll. Then, early next year, the winning songs will go head to head in a series of sudden-death playoffs, until we’re down to just two. Those two acts will face off live on stage, and then we’ll start another series of Clashes. (If a finalist is a band that is not currently playing shows, the hope is that the prospect of winning this Clash will compel a reunion.)

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