Clash of the Tinys


Round 7: Eldemur Krimm vs. Sun Gods in Exile

It’s a stoner-rock rumble this week as Eldemur Krimm faces Sun Gods in Exile!

The Krimm cut is from their 2003 debut, Dirigo. Tracks for a follow-up album were recorded, but have yet to see the light of day. Krimm frontman Fred Dodge seems to have disappeared, Big Foot-style, into the Maine Woods. Maybe a chance to claim victory in the live Clash of the Tinys Finals next year will nudge him back into civilization.

Or maybe not. Maybe Sun Gods in Exile will pick off Krimm in the opening round. “Eye for an Eye” is from their first album, 2009’s Black Light White Lines. The band is said to be writing new material and is still playing shows.

Eldemur Krimm: “Elephant Gun

Sun Gods in Exile: “Eye for an Eye