… Same as the old boss

Thank you for printing Jon Queally’s poignant op-ed [“Their Anti-War Efforts and Ours,” July 2009]. He knocks us out of our dreamy fog thinking that peace is on its way with Obama’s election. He reminds us that Mr. Obama, despite his notable differences with his predecessor, is pursuing the same wars that Bush started. He hits us with the reality that the initiators and the pursuers of war are all complicit in continuing its horrors. And sadly, but importantly, he creates visions of the casualties (whether civilian or soldier), imploring us not to think of these lost souls as statistics, but as lost lives: mothers and fathers, stopped dead in their tracks, and children deprived of their futures.

War is madness and we must speak out against it. And yes, we must thank Maine’s members of the House of Representatives, Michael Michaud and Chellie Pingree, for standing tall and voting against President Obama’s supplemental war funding bill.

— Beth George, Scarborough

One kudo, one boo

Elizabeth Peavey is a fine writer. Alas, Billy Kelley is not. And as for me, well … I buried the lede.

— Eric Lake, North Yarmouth