Crash racist?

I have some questions for Crash Barry. Namely…

• Would black tourists from away get busted for speeding through the Passamaquoddy village of Sipayik or are tickets reserved only for “whitey”?
[One Maniac’s Meat, “A Tribe Divided,” June 2009]. 

• Having lived and worked in an urban “’hood,” I never experienced any wildlife. Don’t you know that the term ’hood is an urban term?

• I like the description of the People of the Dawn as dark-haired and bronze-skinned. So what happened to the nice white skin and blonde hair of “whitey”?

While “A Tribe Divided” could have been — should have been — a revealing and informative column about some serious business in northern Maine, it is nothing more than a racist rant with no facts, no figures, nothing to justify accusations of the tribe’s “bureaucratic corruption,” whatever that means.

As far as this spurious piece of writing is concerned, Mr. Barry has crashed and burned.

— Alexander Diamond, Wiscasset