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photos/Heidi Killion
photos/Heidi Killion

A talk with Lala
By Tanya Whiton

Lala, as she’s known professionally, is a 29-year-old wife and mother who earns extra income as a foot-fetish model. She lives in a town west of Portland which, like her identity, The Bollard has agreed to conceal in deference to the nature of her work. Her Web site is


The Bollard: How the heck did you get into this?

Lala: You know, I’m a mom, I’m married. I felt like I’d lost my individuality — I wasn’t feeling sexy.

I’ve always been a pantyhose wearer, so I posted a photo of my legs on MySpace. It was very random. I was approached by a local woman who’d been a foot-fetish model for 20 years. She’d been working hourly, and then one day she sat down with the owner of the [Web video hosting] company, and he said, ‘You just made me a millionaire.’ So she and her husband started a business, and recruited a bunch of people. If you like the work, they help you set up your own site.

Has it changed the way you feel about yourself?

Yes! I’ve been doing this for two years now. Before, I felt like I was stuck in the teen years, the way I dressed. I’m a woman now; I feel like I have some power. 

I had a problem with gaining weight after being pregnant, and [I’ve discovered] a lot of guys like meaty women. I feel like they look more at my assets. It’s not like, ‘Yeah, she’s got nice legs, but what a gut!’

So, how does it work? Do you keep certain hours?

In every situation, I’m like, ‘Oh, can I use my camera?’ At pool parties, going to the beach. It’s about being creative. I can film whenever: in the car, or around the house. Doing house-chores is a big thing. 

It’s all non-nudity, which is more popular because of the tease. I wake up in the morning and think, What am I going to wear today? Which stockings, which shoes?

OK, let’s talk about the shoes. How many pairs?

I have over a hundred pairs. The heels just keep getting taller and taller. I’ve gotten really good at walking in them — I can actually wear them out.

What kinds of things do foot fetishists really dig?

There are so many avenues you can take with foot fetish. After bondage, it is the second most popular and accepted fetish. 

It’s more than just looking at women’s feet — some people like bare feet, nylons, tights, muddy feet, food stomping, long toenails. There is dipping, where you take your foot out of the shoe and stretch it. Or calf-rubbing [Lala demonstrates by removing one foot from a very cute, navy blue Steve Madden pump and rubbing the opposite calf with it.] There is toe-crunching, toe-curling, toe-spreading. 

Some guys like to see the wrinkles on the bottom of your feet, because they like to think about licking them. And stinky feet are big…. There’s, umm, popping balloons with my feet. That’s a big one. But the cleanup sucks.

Does it ever get too close to home?

I did have someone message me on MySpace and say he saw his favorite pantyhose lady at the Hannaford in Westbrook. But I haven’t had any issues. People hear about foot fetishists and they think, sickos! But there are leg men, boob men, ass men. These are just feet men.

Have you encountered anybody who’s uptight about what you do?

I haven’t really. When I tell people about it, they are usually just curious. Sometimes, if it is a woman, they’ll come over, and we’ll play footsie and chat. [Customers] like that, if you’re just chatting, and it seems natural. I play a lot of footsie, with girls and with guys — as long as they [the guys] are wearing dress shoes.

What’s your specialty?

I get a lot of requests for RHTs [reinforced heel-and-toe pantyhose]. I have one guy that likes to see me in the parking lot, always in tan pantyhose, with my feet out the window, crossing and uncrossing my legs. I get so many different requests: pink toenails, clear polish, French manicure, close-up shots, or shots like the guy is across the room, or under the table.

What about the food stomping. Do you do that?

Well, I try to present myself as classier than that, but it is wicked fun!

How does your husband feel about it?

He loves it. He knows I’m his wife, I’m there for him. It excites him to know I’m exciting to so many other men.

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